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    JinMa Machinery,help you success!
     You are at the height of the platform, you can see the distance! Join Jin Ma machinery, open a new chapter in career career.
    We provide staff with a broad platform for the development of high space,
    We have a clear idea of the use of people, like-minded, have the ability to have a sense of responsibility is our insistence;
    We advocate win-win cooperation mechanism, create together, the courage to play, to share is our insistence;
    Perhaps you are looking for a new growth platform to prepare for a new journey across the road;
    Perhaps you are full of passion and vision, hope to get a challenging job opportunities,
    Well, excellent you, please do not hesitate,
    Send us a copy of your latest resume,
    Perhaps, an accidental encounter, will open a new chapter in your career!

    If you are interested in for the position we published, your HR to contact with us,Tel: +86-512-58576351, Can also be used in the bottom of the page to download the resume template, fill in the content delivered to HR email.

    Resume the download: Download the template Our Email: hjd@zjgjmjx.com

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